June 14th, 2005


Puns?!?! OWWW! My Brain!

There was once a very smart horse. Anything that was shown to the horse,
it mastered easily. But one day, its teachers tried to teach it about
rectangular coordinates and it just couldn't understand them. All the
horse's acquaintances and friends tried to find the problem, but
couldn't. Then a new instructor from the nearest college looked at the
problem and said, "Of course he can't do it. Why, you're putting
Descartes before the horse!"
A sailor was driven off course by a storm, and smashed into a small
island. The next morning, he awoke on the beach. The sand and sky were
reddish. Walking around in a daze, the sailor saw red birds, red
grass, red trees and red bananas. He was shocked to find that even his
skin was reddish. "Oh, noooooo!" he exclaimed. "I'm marooned!"

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