Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

outta here!

Okay, so I'm killing time 'til I send Nancy the e-mail of the work I did today... I told her I'd leave at 2, so I don't want to send it much earlier than that. I finally broke down and got a cappi at the Java Hut downstairs... very good stuff. It'll keep me warm 'til I leave. :-P

And then I'll be on my way to PA. My first trip on a major highway by myself. Should be fun. :-)

I never got a chance to figure out that mp3 cd thing, so I'm just going to have to be careful changing cds... without running off the road. Maybe I'll pull over. :-P That'd be kinda silly. Okay, so if you need me, call my cell: (P1P) JP1- 0PDA
(So that no freaky people (other than my friends) call me.)
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