May 17th, 2006

College Friends

Interesting bits of things update

Heather is coming today! She's got an interview in Maryland on Friday and she is leaving early Saturday morning. I am excited... and my work days are going to be going by slowly. :-P

Last night was Albert's spring band concert. We found out that he wants to join the chorus next year. Totally random and unexpected. *shrug* Definitely a good thing, though! He wants to do both band and chorus next year and then just do chorus in HS. He likes concert band, but doesn't want to invest time in marching (you can't do marching band and get your eagle scout rank!).... I think it's a good sign that he wants to stay in *some* sort of music thing, though. :-) The concert was good. The band and the chorus did show tunes... and the chorus sang 2 songs (exact same arrangement) that we are singing on Sunday. :-P Of course, it will sound a bit different since they have 100+ in the 7th/8th grade chorus and we have about 12 people. :-P The orchestra was the best I'd ever heard them. But they are under temporary direction at the moment, so that is what I am crediting it to. I hope they keep up the good work.

So half way to DC my car started making a funny noise when I hit the brakes. It didn't feel different, though, and I'm so used to my brakes making *some sort* of weird noise, I figured I'd just have them look at it when I got back. And then I didn't think about it and drove to work on Monday. And then when I got home on Monday I had Dad drive it around the block. Except he just drove up the driveway and came back because he said he just wanted to take it straight to the dealer (where I get all my work done) in the morning. So I got a ride to/from work yesterday and we picked up my car in the afternoon. Turns out my caliper broke or slipped or something so I was grinding my brakes for 200 miles. Yeah, that's a bad thing. So, $400 later.... I've got an entire new brake system! We're not sure if this is something that Goodyear caught back when I had my car inspected or if it was a new and random thing. The mechanic said it could have been caused by hitting something, but I think I would have noticed if I hit something that messed up my brakes that bad. *sigh*

DC was pretty sweet and awesome. I took a TONNNN of pictures, and hopefully I'll get those posted this weekend and write a bit about it.

So that is my back-ass-wards post for the day. :-P