February 24th, 2007

Let There Be

So, yeah

Unfortunately, for most of you, I am an evil bastard. I have no news. Seriously. Get over it. The only reason I thought about it is because a wife of a friend of a friend recently posted that she was pregnant! YAY! But, she also waited a period of time between finding out/telling people she likes and posting to lj. If I had some awesome news like this, I would not be able to wait more than, um, let's say 6 hours before posting it to my lj. Yeah, I'm that bad. Mostly because I realize that lately all I post is quotes, memes and the occasional rant. For anyone who is expecting substance out of me, you are totally SOL. However, I may have an interesting post after I visit mountainheather this weekend. I also might not have time to post about it between work, church, and choir. I also might just let mountainheather post about it. So, yeah, don't get your hopes up.

Anyway, I'm going to have to pack in the morning (haha, it already is morning! shit) so I best get some sleepy-sleeps.

Oh, side note: Psych is a hilarious show and I hope it comes out on DVD because I will totally buy it. Merrr... USA tv. yum.
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The week

Monday: had choir. Didn't hang out afterwards. Was very tired.
Tuesday: chose a song and rehearsed for Ash Wednesday
Wednesday: Ash Wednesday. Sang song that we decided on the day before. Went well. Great sermon.
Thursday: Went to Mike's after work, had dinner at Moe's, went to see "Because I Said So" then had ice cream at Mike's.
Friday: Worked pretty late. Mike came over and we hung out, had dinner, watched Monk, Psych and Numb3rs.
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The Day

Today I woke up at 7 (no snooze button!) and packed for my weekend trip to visit Heather! The drive was relatively quick (not much traffic, even on the beltway) and it was pretty easy to find. We hung out for a while and Heather showed me around her (gorgeous) apartment. Then we headed to IKEA (YAY!!) where we had lunch and shopped. I got a TUB of lingonberry preservers and some other yummy things. Heather got a new lamp for her place. (YAY LIGHT!)
Then we drove around and Heather showed me where she worked and other stuff. We came back to her place and we hung out some more and tried not to fall asleep. Heather got a headache/almost migraine thing so we decided not to go to the movie night that we were planning on attending. Instead, we went to Chipotle for burritos and then stopped at CVS on the way back to get 75% off V-Day stuff(Me) and Cards (Heather). Now we are watching TV and my eyes are drooooooping...
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