March 6th, 2007

Let There Be

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Too often I would hear men boast of the miles covered that day, rarely of what they had seen.
-Louis L'Amour, novelist (1908-1988)
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Weekend update and more

I picked my car up from the dealership on Thursday after work. YAY for having my car back... and not only did they replace the battery and the alternator (blah) but they did the oil change I needed AND they washed my car! Sweetness! Getting an oil change and a car wash were on my list of things to do over the weekend, so there went my plans...

Friday night I taped the Monk & Psych season finales. Saturday night Mike came over for dinner and we watched them. Oooooh, so good. I'll miss those shows, but maybe we'll actually catch Numb3rs now! I think we missed a few due to dumb VCRs. Saturday during the day I slept in (kinda) and then I took Albert shopping. I got gas (geez, what happened to the prices recently??) and went to Jo Ann to get some DMC thread colors that I was missing. We also ransacked the Dollar Store that is going out of business - they didn't have much left at all, but I got a bunch of the brown paper that I use to wrap stuff when I'm shipping it and Albert got a little ship to display on his desk.

Sunday morning was church. I feel really bad for enjoying Pastor Hoyer's sermons so much. He really is a lot better than Pastor Linda (our permanent Pastor who was in a car accident and is badly injured and on doctor-ordered bed rest). It is nice that we are able to have him on a semi-regular basis. I spent most of Sunday working on various cross stitch projects. It was very relaxing.

Last night we had singers rehearsal and we actually had a decent turn out so we got a lot more done than we have in a while. Hopefully we will have full turn out next week - everyone better stop feeling sick! It was amazingly windy last night as well. My room still smells like wallpaper adhesive and grout sealer so I slept in Liz's room - thankfully because I think I would have been up most of the night due to the wind - instead it only woke me up once or twice. (My room is on a corner and Liz's room is in the middle of the house)

This morning, people's trashcans were scattered all over the place. I didn't see our trashcan lids anywhere, either. Always figures that the windy weather is on trash pick-up day. Bah. Hopefully we are able to find them.
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