July 17th, 2007


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Books are the compasses and telescopes and sextants and charts which other men have prepared to help us navigate the dangerous seas of human life.
-Jesse Lee Bennett

Karma Tycoon: Game Review

DoSomething.org has paired up with JP Morgan Chase to create an addictingly Karmic "Tycoon" game. Whether or not this is endorsed by Atari (the maker of "Rollercoaster Tycoon", "Railroad Tycoon" and others), the game is well put together and enjoyable to play.

The goal of Karma Tycoon is to help as many people as you can - without going bankrupt. You start off with a specific amount of money (depending on what level of city you choose to play in) and you can gain more money by taking out loans and applying for grants. You can also choose what sort of charity you are going to provide to your city - Homeless Shelters, Animal Shelters, Performing Arts Centers, Youth Centers, or Senior Citizen Centers. You must pick and choose what elements of the building you want to fund and what elements will draw visitors. The more visitors, the more Karma you get, and the more Karma you get, the more grants you can win, and the more grants you win, the more visitors you can draw! Once your Karma level reaches 100% you have won the game!

The creators of this game have aimed it towards high school and middle school students, but I think it is fun for adults as well - as long as your eyes are good - the fonts used are some what small. Start in Columbus, OH and work your way up to New York City!

Karma Tycoon:
Brought Him To The Tree

Volunteering is fun!

I spent 2 hours tonight with others from my church volunteering at the Central PA Food Bank. We were given 2 500 pound boxes of seasoned potato wedges and we had to put them in smaller bags, put 10 of those bags in each box, and put the boxes on a skid. It was a blast. :-) I was kinda worried that it wasn't going to go well or that something would go wrong, but everything went really well! Everyone that went can't wait to go again, and I think we'll be able to recruit a bunch more people from church as well. I've gotta figure out how to organize small groups (they want about 12 at a time) without it getting too out of control.