February 12th, 2008


The Adventure of Staying Put

Last night, I actually got out of work at a decent hour, so I invited Mike over for Tacos with all the fixin's (minus fresh tomatoes, silly winter). After dinner, Mike (finally) got to open his birthday presents which he really liked. (Mostly 'cuz this year he gave me a wish list, but I did sneak a surprise in there.)

After presents, we went to Singers rehearsal. There was a low turn out (I was the only alto for half of rehearsal), but that was mostly due to the fridged (for us) temperatures and wind and predicted ice. The roads were fine, though, and we didn't have any trouble getting back and forth. Mom stopped by to say hi and bring me my mail (and a package!) and a few other things during our break.

After singers, Mike and I went back to my place. The packaged contained some really nifty mugs from my Aunt Sandy & Uncle Ken for Valentine's Day. I washed 2 of them and we had hot chocolate and we split the AMAZING fausnaught that my parents saved for me. It was approximately the size of my face. Which is where I wanted to shove it. But I savored each bite instead. :-P

After that, Mike and I decided to play some Smash Brothers Melee on his game cube which has taken up residence in my apartment. We played for a little while, and then the power went out. I think it was about 10:15. It didn't come back on. Strangely, there were lights in the park behind the house (and the houses behind the park), but my street was completely dark (which was completely creepy). After finding my flashlight(s) and making sure that nothing was damaged (and everything that had been on was now turned off), I decided to go to bed and Mike left to find out if Wal*Mart had power (I'm assuming they did) so he could do some shopping before going home. I called the power company to report the outage (put your power company's number in your cell phone if it isn't there already!) and the automated voice told me that an element that protects underground power lines had been damaged and that it was going to be fixed by 2am. Great! So the power would come on, the heat would come on and all would be awesome. I used their wakeup call service to schedule a wake-up call.

I have to say, after growing up with water coming into your house via a pump from a well, it is very strange to be able to use the water when there is no electricity. But, I was not going to take a shower in freezing cold water, so I put 2 extra blankets on the bed, and fell asleep.

I woke up and thought it must have been around 1:30-2am. The power was not back and there was a lot of banging, sound of vehicles, etc, in the street. It was actually 6:15am and about 50 yards down the road there were 7 trucks/construction vehicles and such digging up the street. Lovely. They must have started earlier than that, though because they were all gone by 8:15 when the power was finally restored. When I braved the rest of my apartment, I discovered that it was a lovely (not) 52 degrees F in the living room. Fortunately I was able to take a HOT shower, have a HOT breakfast, and take a mug full of HOT tea with me to work. Oh, and the cable was out so no morning internet for me. I called Comcast and reported the outage (which I should have done last night) - 20 minutes later trucks came up the street. Apparently I am the only one that can pick up a phone. Although, I do know my neighbors have the triple play, so maybe they couldn't phone if their cable phone was out? I don't know.

So, now I am work and I feel like I didn't sleep at all. I had weird dreams that involved what I can only imagine was the crew working on the road. (I will have to write about them next, but they will be a seperate post).

EDIT: Oh, and yeah. That wake-up call I was supposed to get from the power company didn't happen. Fortunately(!?!?!?!) I didn't really fall back to sleep after being woken up at 6:15. Sigh.
Title of the Song

The Adventure of Freezing Feet

I left work around 7pm and there was about 3 inches of (really fluffy) snow on my car. It had been falling lightly since mid-morning, so I guess I wasn't too surprised, but I also wasn't too prepared since I wore my clogs that are open in the back. Fortunately, I did wear my jeans which are warmer than most of my work pants. Clearing off my car went pretty quickly since the snow was so nice and light and fluffy. I emptied my shoes of snow and vowed to change my socks when I got back to my apartment.

Driving up my road (which is probably a 20deg incline) was a little iffy, but the roads hadn't been touched at all. It could have been worse, but my Rochester training served me well. When I pulled into the parking lot, it was pretty empty. I was surprised because a lot of business and schools and such had closed early this evening. I got in the outside door of the apartment and I decided to shovel the back stoop before going up to my place. Tony (landlord) leaves a shovel inside the door, so I put my stuff on the inside step, grabbed the shovel, and got to work on the stoop. It's not a very big area, but it is uneven so it takes some handiwork to get it cleared. Took me maybe a minute or two, tops.

When I turned to go back inside, I saw my keys - sitting on the steps inside. Not really good for getting back inside. I knocked on the windows of the apartments downstairs, but no one was home. I made a bunch of phone calls and the best option was to have Dad drive over with the spare set of keys that I made for my parents. It took dad about 25 minutes to drive over. About 3 minutes before he arrived, my downstairs neighbors came home and let me in. When Dad got up the hill, he was not the rescuer he thought he'd be. I invited him up for hot chocolate and we talked for a while.

I was stuck outside for about 45 minutes total and I think it was about 20 degrees. Took about an hour to regain feeling in my feet. But I survived.

This has been a rough 24 hours!