June 20th, 2008


Quick update of the week

Monday - I forget. dude, that's lame. Oh, I remember, I watched Shark Tale. Not so impressed, but the commentary was interesting. I must have done something else, but I don't remember.

Tuesday - After work, I went to my parents and we took my car to the mechanic. My back passenger side window decided to stop working (AGAIN) a couple weeks ago, and we finally got it to Shutty's. Turns out the part was still under warranty, so Dad just paid labor. The part had to come in, though. So we left it there and headed over to the church for a viewing. The Patriarch of one of the families in the area died the Saturday before, and the viewing was actually at our church. So we paid our respects. I'm trying to remember the last time I was at a viewing where I didn't know the person who died. It was also the most rowdy viewing I've ever been to. After the viewing, Dad took me and Mom (Liz and Albert are both at camp) to Fabio's for dinner (apparently the 2nd best kept secret in central pa). I had Sausage and Pepper Parmesan which lasted me dinner and 2 days of lunches. :-) Then I headed home to watch Evan Almighty.

Wednesday - Went to the library and spent about 45 minutes wandering around doing a scavenger hunt for the summer reading program. Dude, they totally moved everything around. Then I went to Giant where my best deals were $0.18 for 2 muffin mixes (after coupon) and $1.37 for 3 cans of Pillsbury biscuits (after coupon). I also picked up enough taco shells to last the summer. I should have gotten milk, though. I watched Joy Luck Club. I had read the book a while ago, but never seen the movie so I got it from the library. By the end I was crying. And I was eating pretzels. Yes, sillyliss, I was crying in my pretzels.

Thursday - Did a bit of craigslisting. Got my car back. Made granola bars and watched last coming standing. Oh, and I talked to Lindsay.

And just now I finally got out my new laptop cable. I got it about a week ago, but I was too lazy to get it out. My old one got a kink in it, so I would have to do all kinds of crazy things to get it to work. Now no worries and I can lay on the couch with my laptop again! (although, I do love my laptop desk.)