July 14th, 2008



I am officially a Patriot News subscriber! I got a letter in the mail a few weeks ago (addressed to "current resident or someone that probably hasn't lived here for 5+ years) about a 75% off offer for prepaying for a years subscription of the newspaper. This offer makes it only $25 for a years worth of Sunday papers (or $65 for a years worth of Monday - Sunday papers). I think this is a great investment for me because now I will get all the circulars and coupons weekly. Plus all the fun stuff like the comics and the entertainment sections which often have lots of info about free activities in the area. My subscription starts this coming Sunday and hopefully they deliver it so I can find it. :-) No one else in the building gets a paper, so it won't get mixed up. I just hope it doesn't get stolen.

New default icon

sillyliss made me this new icon (and another PA one). New default! YAY! :-) It is so pretty. And for those of you who don't know, pomegranates are the national fruit of the great nation of Pennsylvania. The history of which is very long and full of tales of grandeur.


Work was crazy (shall be crazier tomorrow) and after work I went to Mike's. He made chicken sandwiches and garlic fries for dinner and then we went to see Hancock which was really good. I got my first blockbuster discs today, but I don't know when I'm going to get to watch them. I have to watch Capote tomorrow so I can return it to the library on Wednesday (due date!!). Also, tomorrow is our rehearsal with the harpists which should be completely crazy.

Off to finish laundry and then bed. Me is tired.