August 29th, 2008



I think my brain came out of hibernation today. Maybe that is what this is. I dunno.

I think my heartburn/acid reflux problem is related to grape nuts. Which completely sucks because I have 4 unopened boxes and one box I just opened. And I love grape nuts. Boo.

I miss challenging singing. Need to find something to do this fall. Waiting on a call from Pine Street Presb. But not counting on it since I called him kinda late.

Need to go shopping tomorrow. Hopefully we get out early.

Want to make more jam. Peaches are on sale for 99c which is not too bad. Wonder if they are any good.

I started ANOTHER blog which I will post about tomorrow, me thinks.

On the agenda for this weekend: Vacuuming the living room, more organization of the den, and actually cooking food instead of making pizzas and eating crackers and cheese.