December 19th, 2008


Seasonaly Appropriate

circa 2004

layer of innocence

an invisible force vibrates the
final leaf on a tree
it pushes and pulls at the
branches playing a game of
hide-and-seek with
the squirrels

icicles blowing
bare branches
few leaves hang on
defying the wild winter wind
the clouds allow
the sun a brief
before they
release a flurry
of snowflakes
racing from the sky
only to land
and disappear
on the pavement

snowflakes falling from the sky above
individually, together drifting in a
slow hurry to
cover the dirty brown
existing snow with a new
layer of innocence

My world is full of oddities

My world is full of oddities,
        opposites and paradoxes.
My world has crimson skies that
        turn to gold,
Bright red grasses that fade to
        blue at dusk,
Soft rocks and hard
The sea ebbs and flows like
        a dog playing fetch.
The mountains, capped with
        indigo snow,
        jut out of the ground
        for all to see.
The hills roll, jump, and chase
        one another across the
        wide expanses of narrow land.
Screaming birds sing lullabies
        to wild kittens.
Jungles filled with farm animals
        thrive with unbridled spirit.
All the land belongs to no one and
The landscapes are works of
        art: constantly changing.
In my world, there is a beauty
        in everything if you only


circa 2004.
As I'm reading through these, I wonder whose words these are.