February 12th, 2009


Gift Giving

Give your brain a pogo stick
Give your nose a hula-hoop
Give your ear the Eiffel Tower
Give your tongue an imaginary elephant
Give your chin a beer
Give your neck some potato chips
Give your arm a happy sock
Give your wrist an airship
Give your hand a lapel pin
Give your fingers a pillow
Give your thumb a roll of lace
Give your liver an artichoke
Give your back a push pin
Give your kidneys a pencil sharpener
Give your pancreas a football
Give your bellybutton a top hat
Give your knee a postcard
Give your ankle a Coke
Give your foot a toy soldier
Give your toes a hummingbird

This is an absurdist list poem that I wrote in Feb of 2005. Hope you like it! :-D

Long day

Today was a long day. I was woken up at about 5:30 this morning by the sound of my bedroom wall creaking. It was amazingly disconcerting, but once I figured out the sound was being caused by the 50+ mph (low highway speed for those non-miles people) wind we were having, it made a little more sense. But I had a ridiculously hard time getting back to sleep - I don't know why I bothered. Anyway, I got up early again and I made a serious dent in the living room mess today. Serious. Like, there is this HUGE area of floor that I can SEE and it not covered with STUFF. It's amazing. Really. I wish I could vacuum it, but my roomba is not charging properly. It sits on the docking station ALL THE TIME, but when I go to use it, it only runs for about 15 minutes tops and dies. Also, after un-docking, the light is already at "medium" power. Hm. I really don't want to pay 60 for a new battery or whatever price it is. I might as well just get a real vacuum. It has lost its appeal and the set up of my apartment makes it impossible to schedule cleaning since I have to set up the virtual walls to do anything.

I'm setting up the crockpot tonight to make a breakfast apple crisp. Hopefully I'll get the rest of the tidying done tomorrow morning and afternoon. YAY. I've got 1 book to ship tomorrow, but also 2 packages and a bunch of bills/taxes stuff, so I'll be going to the post office in the morning. Let's hope I can manage to leave the apartment at 9am or earlier.

Bedtime! Hope everyone had a happy darwin/lincoln day.