March 1st, 2009


A long saturday

- first I got stood up at Wal*Mart waiting for someone from Craigslist
- Shopped at Walmart and used lots of coupons
- Finally sold my entertainment unit!
- My parents came over and brought my TV over. :-D :-D :-D
- Mom and I went to the gathering of the guilds sponsored by the Keystone Lacemaker's Guild. Lots of needlework, felting, spinning, lacemaking, and other awesome things. It was fun I might join one of the needlework guilds (there's 2 (or 3?) in the area).
- Came back home and cleaned up a bit
- Mike came over and we put together my new TV Stand (had to make a quick dash to home depot for a screw that was not included) and then we moved all the furniture around and set up the tv.
- We had pizza (made with a Pillsbury crust) in the middle of the whole process.
- Then we watched Zuthura on my TV. :-D I need to get a cable box with an HDMI connector and I'll be all set (other than still needing an upconverting-DVD/Bluray player. :P)
- I managed to get some stupid malware that surfaced this morning and I'm still having internet problems even though I removed it (completely?). Annoying.