August 3rd, 2009


Holy awesome!

I just won Coraline on DVD! (AND the 3D version)

I was flipping stations on the radio and I heard they were talking about Coraline (and trying to describe it - ha), so I stopped. Then they said they were giving it away if you could guess what movie they were going to act out. They acted out Sweeney Todd! EASY GUESS (did the scene where they are talking about baking people into pies)!! So, when they said the phone number, I quick typed it into my phone and it rang for what felt like 5 minutes (probably was at least 1:30, though). I guess I was the first caller? But I won!!! YAYAYAYAY! And I was awesome on the radio, I think. I don't think anyone I know listens to that in the morning, though (wish I could post on facebook from work to find out).

Afterwards I was shaking. :-P

Now I just have to figure out when the heck I can pick it up. Might have to be after I get back from Alaska! Oops. :-P

Postcard Address Collection!

If you would like a postcard from my upcoming vacation, leave your address in the (moderated) comments in the following format:


That's the standard USPS address format. Thanks!

I gotta buy stamps tomorrow (or find the ones I have - I put them someplace so I could find them), so please reply soon!