December 7th, 2011



I stopped at our Salvation Army store last Friday on the way home from doing some other shopping. I don't stop there very often because it is a rather dirty store and very disorganized, but they do tend to have pieces for our Corelle set.

It was busier than I had seen it before (probably due to being Friday night), but not exactly packed. There was a group of 4-5 high school girls from the inner city school in Harrisburg (a few of them had school gear on) browsing and enjoying themselves. I overheard several of them exclaim that they wished they had money for this or that as they picked up things that interested them.

One of the girls was looking at the books (50c for all paperbacks). She ended up picking out a book she was interested in and then they were looking at the prices. She knew she didn't have the $0.50. I watched her face fall. Then, I pointed out that all the books were 50% off - $0.25! She did have a quarter and she was SO excited to be able to take this book home and read it.

It makes me sad to know that their school district is in the process of deciding if they need to declare bankruptcy. The classes are over crowded, extra programs - including art & music & sports are being slashed just so the kids will still have a building to come to every day. What is wrong with us that we don't put the development of young minds FIRST?!