Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


This is sad... I'm about to put a bunch of quiz results on here.. but I figured I should write a real entry first. And I can't think of anything to say.. I mean, there's nothing to report, nothing even remotely interesting... Oh, I went to the mall today. woo-hoo. And I've been hanging out at the high school and watching the spring musical practice... why can't RIT do a musical??? So Dr. Ferran doesn't even acknowledge them as a form of preformance art... I don't care. They are fun and happy and they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside... anyone know of any good musicals with a small cast of like, 5 that don't require a large chorus? (Minus "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown"... don't get me started).... okay so I did find something to talk about.. even if it's rambleing and nonsensical. :-)
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