Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

A-Z Survey

Okay, Brie made this up and she says there aren't any rules... just identity association. Fun!

A - Always. Because I like the word always
B - Bananas for Breakfast!
C - Catherine is my name. And Cookies. C is for Cookie. (that's good enough for me!)
D - Dude. Dude? DUDE?!?! .... dude.
E - Elevation. Being high above everything and being able to see really far into the distance.
F - FUN! Just like this awesome survey.
G - German. I miss speaking German.
H - Heidelburg Press. Because it is German and reminds me of HEATHER!
I - For some reason, I thought of adultery.
J - Joker. Because I am a joker. Although, sometimes I hurt people's feelings and I don't mean to.
L - All you need is love, doo, doo, doo, doot, doo... and Ewan McGregor :-D
M - Milk. I like milk, especially skim milk.
N - Nutters! You're all freakin' nutters!
O - Ooooooooh. oooooooo. O. Like from the story of O? Maybe not.
P - Pookie! Porkupine Pie.
Q - This is my favourite letter of the alphabet. Bask in the glory of Q.
R - R! I say R-A. R-A-T. R-A-T-T. rrrat. R-A-T-T. Rat, rat, rat.
S - Smokin! Or Sam. Sam was a good friend... I haven't talked to him in a long time.
T - Tanglewood tree! Cindi! :-)
U - and me. ;-)
V - Consumate v's! TRRROOOGGGDDDOOOORRR! Burniating the country side. :-)
W - West Side Story. Or maybe Water. Or Wacko. That works too.
X - Xylophones. Because it starts with a X, but sounds like a Z.
Y - whY not? :-)
Z - Xylophones. Because it sounds like a Z, but starts with a X.
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