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The moment you've all been waiting for... my Clearwater post! :-)

Okay. This is going to be long because I'm going to try and remember EVERYTHING! :-) So if you were there, you probably don't need to read this, and if you weren't you still probably don't need to read this, but here it is anyway. :-)

Well, Friday started off with me at work. This part is not interesting what-so-ever, so I will not discuss it at length, but I will mention the end of the day. Friday afternoon we were supposed to have an intern information session and it was supposed to last from 2-4. Here I was thinking that it might get out early and I might get to leave sooner. No. First we started about half an hour late... blah! And the meeting was about all of the stuff I've been working on since I'm working with all of the recent changes in the IT department much closer than everyone else, they all found it very interesting. I was bored. :-P But Deb Lesavoy made it not-so-boring, 'cuz she's cool. She reminds me of Mom. Anyway, so the meeting got out at about 4:23... I was so watching the clock. And then I sped out of there and down to my car, I had to change my shoes, and get all set up for the long ride (you know, cds in place, CD player hooked up, snacks within reaching distance, all that kinda stuff).

So I was on 78 by 4:35. 78 wasn't too bad traffic-wise, but when I got to the G.S. Parkway, OYE! I'd never seen traffic like this before.... it was moving, but SO MANY CARS! Craziness. So, yeah, nothing to eventful except this was my first lots-o-tolls trip, and I'm proud to say that I can make 35 cents change in different ways without having to look at the coins. :-) A very not marketable skill. Unless you are running a retail shop in the dark. But I'm off topic again(this is going to end up VERY LONG!). Okay, so going over the Tappen Zee Bridge was very cool.. my first big bridge(a lot of firsts on this trip). *yea* for big bridges.. I was so excited! And then I got to route 9 just fine, although, I have to admit the way they set up the detour from the construction was a bit confusing. My CD stopped on route 9, so I made up a route 9 song, and now I can't remember any of it. It was very good, though.

So I got to the Croton Point Park(about 6:10) and I parked and checked in, and then I called Cindi to figure out where I could meet her and Kristy. This was not difficult as they were apparently only about 100 yards from where I was, so they walked over and we hugged and were very excited. Then I was told that I had to move my car so that I could go and get my t-shirt and check in with my coordinator. After I cleared a spot for Cindi and Kristy to sit in my car, we drove to the camp site and then walked down to where I had to check in with Beth. Kristy and Cindi waited while I signed up for time slots(an screwed them up), got my volunteer wrist band, and then I got my t-shirt. After that, we had yummy dinner and then set up the tent.

So as not to be redundant, I will only mention when it was NOT raining.... Later on we went to the lodge-y place(I don't know what it was called) and we ate cherries and strawberries that Paul bought locally on his way to Clearwater. They were mucho yummy... *yea* for Paul! Some other people came in the lodge and made a fire and I was killing bugs. This was a very good thing to pass the time. So that was fun. Then we departed from the lodge to go and get ready for sleepy-time. Luckily, sleeping in the tent was very uneventful Friday night. *yea* for not getting all wet! At about 2am, the rain abruptly stopped and some people over in the Night-Owl camping section screamed "IT'S 2 AM! RISE AND SHINE!!!" and then someone else made a rooster noise. I had to try my darnest not to crack up and wake Cindi and Kristy. Was quite funny, but it was difficult to fall back to sleep after that... the rain was no longer making the lulling sound against the tent.....


I think I woke up around 6, we got up at about 6:30... ah... the joys of rising with the sun. It wasn't raining. I decided that I would wait for a shower, since I had plenty of time before I had to be at my volunteer meeting at 8:30. There was a line for the shower, but it wasn't too bad considering there were only 3-4 showers... and lots of ladies. I am SO QUICK in the shower compared to these people! Plus, I brought Pert Plus Shampoo and Conditioner in ONE so that it took half the time it usually does. But it was good to have WARM water falling on my head. :-) And then getting for the most part, dry, after that was good.

I met Kristy and Cindi at the tents and we headed down to breakfast. Yummy food... big breakfast.... *yea* After breakfast, I headed over to my meeting in the merch. tent. It was very much not like a meeting... well, since Beth wasn't there... so I just kinda stood there and said, I'm here! What should I do!?! And I was put to work right away. :-) We were setting up the Clearwater merch. stuff and getting the tables all ready for when the performers would drop stuff off... which was good. Beth showed up around 9, and all the in-charge-type-people made little speeches about how IMPORTANT and WONDERFUL volunteers are, and how we would have lots of fun. :-)

I finally fixed my work schedule so I could see DVN, and then I headed over to see Cindi and Kristy at the Rainbow stage. We hung out for a while, but nothing was going to start 'til 11am, so I walked over to the Hudson River stage to say hi to Paul. It started lightly raining while I was over there talking to Paul and some other DVN fans. Then I walked back to the Rainbow stage to see The Earthtones with Cindi and Kristy... they were really good! :-) Very energetic, I think I would describe their style as almost rehersed-impromptu. :-P They really had a great stage presence. :-) Then we watched Linda Richards, who is very cool. She does folk-learning music for kids of all ages... songs that the parents wouldn't mind hearing so many times over and over and over and over. :-) A very funny song about fish to the tune of Santana's Smooth... with a guy dressed up like a crab that showed pictures of the different things she was singing about. :-) Very nifty, entertaining, and fun. :-) Then I went over and got lunch before I worked my first shift from 1-3.

Working was fun 'cuz Karen(don't know her last name!) usually performs during the festival and does back-up for different performers, so she knew a lot of the people that came to drop off merchendise. I got to do a lot of hob-nobbing! Tons of fun. :-) I headed over to the DVN show as soon as I got a chance. I stood beneath the big tree with Cindi, Ken, and Kristy.... I missed the first song, (WHICH, I might add was Kingdom in the Sky, NOT The Gates!!!!!... That's a first!) and came in the middle of the second song, I Wish I Were. I wish I remembered more of the set(in no particular order), they did Ally McBeal, Title of the Song, Another Irish Drinking Song, Pull My Finger(with Guest Artist, Eric Schwartz dressed up like a really ugly woman. :-P ), and a rousing round of Request-O-Rama! (Re-re-re-re-quest-o-rama... re-re-re-re-quest-o-rama re-squweee-- okay, enough of that... lol) I'm sure Paul M. could give us a list of the songs that were requested... all I remember was Paul(from DVN) doing his own little rendition of Madonna's Like A Virgin, which was slightly scary, and intreguing at the same time.... ;-P

After DVN saddly left the stage, The Mammels came on. Very cool group.. they had a ukelalie, guitars, banjos, and a fiddle(oh yeah, and drums)... Some sweet tunes. :-) We hung out for a while and walked toward the merch. tent, I was egging Ken on... talking about Politics and Music and Religion... hehe(sorry Cindi!) :-P "Twas fun... I worked from 5-7, and then we ate dinner.... then we found out that the last groups at the Hudson River stage were cancelled due to the Thunderstorms that were coming our way... and the rain.. yeah, it was still raining. We were pretty wet. I don't know what time it was, but it was around 8:30 that we decided that we(Kristy, Cindi, and I) would be better off if we drove the 45 minutes to their house and spent the night being dry. Which turned out to be a very good idea. ;-) I followed Cindi the whole way to her house(after we drove around the park for a while trying to get out.. .the set up is STUPID!) and we got showers and went to bed. Joey had his copy of HP: OotP... and we were all freaking out.. he went and hid with it in his room.. party pooper. :-P Anyway, *yea* for dry-ness!

In the morning we got up around 6:45, got dressed, had some cereal that we thought was regular cheerios, but it turned out to be Honey Nut Cheerios.. that was a surprise. Then we got our stuff together and drove back to Croton Point Park. We parked up by camping, but not by our tents so that we didn't have to walk in the mud. :-) I had to work from 9am-3pm, so I headed there and Kristy got me a bagel. :-) Um, then I worked for a long time. :-)

Not much to say other than the people I worked with are really cool. One lady(Lisette? is her name?) was telling me about her Orange VW bus camper with a pop-out tent on the side... really cool(turns out we walked past it a lot)... and her daughters love DVN, too... etc, etc... There was the Russian lady(who I never caught her name) that we didn't want to put in charge of doing anything for fear she would either a) mess it up or b) do it wwwaaayyyy to slowly. She left early to go to some concert at the Nature Coservitory in NYC(or some place). And Steve(the guy in charge of the computers and the network) is really cool, too. He's in his late 60's, I'd say and kinda gruff(I think some people were scared of him at first), but he's got this really sharp wit and really great sense of humor, so that was cool. The best part was Karen's son kept begging Steve to give him a ride on the Golf Cart... and Steve finally did after he got the kid to do as much work as possible... hehe... and apparently they went around the entire place... they had a ball, it was so cute. It stopped raining for most of the day, only rained on and off... and it was rather pleasant at one point... a nice breeze and no precip. Of course, this was when I was still working and under the tent. :-P So, after my shift was over at 3, I said good bye to all the wonderful people and told them I'd be back next year so long as I'm on this coast( ;-P ), and I went down to meet Cindi and Kristy at the Circle Of Song.

I got to hear the tail end of the Maritime music group(they were cool) and then we walked around and looked at the vendors ( I got a shaker to use for Encore, and a PINK Sarong for my sis), and Kristy and Cindi discoverd a vendor that had 3 copies of HP: OotP!! Needless to say, they got their copies right then and there. :-) Then we went to the food area and had a funnel cake and some flavored lemonade stuff that was good. We sat around and chatted... killing time before Tom Chapin's show. Then we went up and put the tents away, and came back to watch the Tom Chapin. He was very good. He had his daughter, Abby on stage with him for most of the set (I think he was getting tired of performing, he had about 3 sets already during the weekend!). He also said most of the lyrics before he sang them, reminded me of Heather. We weren't sure whether or not we were supposed to sing along... so we kinda half sung along. It was fun... good music. :-)

After his set was over, we(Paul, Kristy, Cindi, and I) had dinner... yum, yum. Then we all walked up to the tents. We left Paul at his tent, and then we went to our cars and got all ready to go, said our goodbyes, and then I followed Cindi out. The weird thing(that I keep forgetting to ask Cindi about!!) was that there were cops at the exit, and they seemed be checking for something, but I don't know what, we got out fine, though..... I waved to Cindi and Kristy as they were going North on 9, and a lady thought I was waving her to go in front of me... hehe... no matter, I went south on 9, no problems.
Over the Tappen Zee, down the GS Parkway, over on 80(that's a BIG ROAD), and then took the little falls exit again, this time not getting lost and went up Mountain from the other side.

And I doubt you want to hear about me doing my wash, so I'll stop there. :-)

And if I missed something, please feel free to comment! :-) (also, I know some stuff is out of order, but my brain was starting to hurt! owwies!)
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