Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


This weekend was fun-filled, action-packed, and all around very much full of awesomeness. On Friday, I took Albert to the Mall and we walked around for about 2 hours, got our Parent's B-day presents and then had some really good EYE-talian food... stromboli(albert) and sausage roll(me!).. very yummy. Then we saw Finding Nemo(finally!).. very good movie! Some of my favourite parts:

42 Wallaby Way!
I can talk in Whale! (or iiiiiii ccccaaaaannnnnnnN ttaaallllLLkkkkK iiinnnnnnnnn Wwwwhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaalllleeeeeee!) hehe
Sea Turtles rock, dude!
And I now want to release all our tropical fish at home. :-P
(Anyone see "The Ball"? I was looking, but I must have missed it).

Anyway, so then we saw Rugrats Go Wild, which was also good, but not as, and I'm glad that we didn't go just to see that. I love the Wild Thornberries! Nigel Strawberry was extra-funny. :-)

After the movies we went home, dropped off our stuff, had some dinner and took off for the Caldwell High Football field! We got a good spot and just hung out, listened to the live band(they were decent... all covers), and ate the popcorn that Albert insisted on popping before we left Grandma's. Then we had a Red, White, and Blue icy(cherry, lemon, raspberry) and saved our cotton candy for the fireworks. Oh, man, the Fireworks. The best fireworks display that I have seen within recent memory. I thought it was the finale about 3 times! Very good, I ran out of space taking pictures about half way through... *yea* Everyone was cheering and clapping... it was a very unifying experience, as it should be. The traffic on the way back wasn't too bad, we were home way before 10:40, and I was expecting the make it home by 11. *yea* for people directing traffic!

Saturday was good, Albert was in the pool practically all day, I think. Albert and I went to lunch with Aunt Carol and Kristy at Charlie Browns where I got my fill of Good Ol' American food for the weekend (Cheeseburger with Fries). After I dropped Carol and Kristy off and then brought Albert home, I went to Staples to get ink for my computer, and then I got my car washed. Only drove around Little Falls for a little bit. :-P I was really tempted to look at the various garage sales, but I didn't 'cuz it was too hot to leave the car. :-P Pool the rest of the afternoon, and then Mom, Dad and Liz showed up around 8pm. :-)

Sunday, slept in, Ken, Sandy, and Rachel came over around 1pm, and Martin showed up late(as usual.. hehe), Poolness and party-ness all day... Carol came over for dinner... all kindsa fun.

I had to go to work on Monday, which was unfortunate 'cuz I missed most of the day with Mommy(it was her b-day!).. but dinner(sausage sandwiches) and dessert(assorted fruit-shortcake and peach crumb pie) were very good... *yea* We ALL (not G&G) went in the Pool after dinner/before dessert and had way too much fun 'til it was dark. :-) Fun was had by all... they left this morning and should be home soon... 'cuz Albert's got a drum lesson(not that he practiced all week when he was here...hehe).

Anyway, so that was my Independence Day weekend. :-)
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