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Saturday. :-)

Okay. Well, as of Friday at about 10am, I thought I was going to have a rather dull weekend. Ha. Ha. Ha. (ended up hanging with quilynn, thwack, and moosez, later explained)
First of all, today began with a romp at the Hillside Food Bank in Hillside, NJ. After quite an adventure getting there, I met my (approximately) 50 or so co-workers and we got to work sorting, cleaning, and then sorting again the 3-4 boxes of Health and Beauty Care items(mostly Shampoo and Conditioner). I was in the cleaning group and we were having quite a good time, because we had made a race of it. :-) A few highlights:

1) Met new girls. They are fun.
2) Stood across from extremely good looking guy. Probably 23-25... hot. Didn't catch his name. Damn.
3) Other guy (not good looking, but not completely ugly...) that had a sluggy shirt on... but it was the Poke-bun one, so I didn't notice 'til when we were on our way out... didn't get to say anything to him.
4) The boys were giggling at strange feminine and "very personal" products. Apparently they are in 5th grade.

After that, I drove back to G&G's for lunch... another interesting adventure of a drive... hehe... lunch, then the discovery that I only had printed the directions of how to get from Jeremy's to G&G's and not the way there... oops. But I managed... for the most part. Beacon is a lovely town. :-P Anyway, got to Jeremy's unscathed, perhaps a few dents in my ego and my pride, but what's new? hehe... Dan and Jeremy were watching a competition on ESPN2 of Lumberjacks and their different ways to hack up large pieces of wood... it was quite interesting, and I was going to ask "Who actually watches this stuff?" when I realized, oh, we are. d'oh. Anyway, after I while, I said, "I wonder where Cindi is?" and within the next five minutes Cindi was at the door. Dan and Jeremy were hitting things with air (airzooka thing... d'oh, I never got to try that...), and we sat around for quite a while trying to decide what to do. Finally decided on Ruby Tuesday's and then Ice Cream. While at Ruby Tuesday's, we heard "Na, Na, Hey, Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye"... and I just thought I'd mention that it was originally recorded by Steam.

Then to the Ice Cream place(Cindi you owe me $3. :-P), and then to Fun-Central to play Mini-Golf and Air-Hockey (*yea* for hypens!). I am extremely ashamed of my score, so I shall just say that it was comparable to a bad day of bowling. Jeremy won followed closely by Dan, and then Cindi and I was trailing in the rear... oh my.... I am sentencing myself to atleast 5 consecutive, not concurrant rounds of Mini-Golf to be served at The Sand Trap on LBI in a few weekends. Anyway. After the round of Mini-Golf, we played a few rounds of Air Hockey (Jeremy against Dan, and Myself against Cindi... I think the pairs could have been more evenly matched some way, but... whatever). I lost my first game of Air Hockey ever! Ahh! There goes my perfect record. I knew I should have never played more than one game. heheh....

Anyway, we went back to Jeremy's to retreive our belongings, said our goodbyes and then I was on the road again, for the fourth time all day. The ride home left me with lots to think about, which might end up in another entry, but I don't know as this one has already gotten rather long... but a few highlights of the ride home:

1) I saw a firework go off over some trees on the left side of the road! It was crazy 'cuz there was only one, a big normal one from a show, and it was still considerably light out.
2) The moon looked AWESOME! I wanted to try to take a picture, but it would have never come out the way that it looked. Detail. Brightness. Size. Cloud cover. The whole thing was so perfect it made me want to cry. Which, I have to say, I did.
3) Blasting my music, turning up the bass and singing in random different languages. (Music of choice: random A Cappella, Idina Menzel, Marc Anthony, Z-100 FM).

Anyway, arrived home with no surprises... I really like that drive... other than the $1 toll... less than the way up, though! hehe... All in all, a very plesant day... *yea* for a great day. :-) (Thanks for driving us around, Jeremy!)
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