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Jewel of the Nile

Well, I finished the sequel to Roman Holiday (HP fan fic). And now I'm sitting at work attempting not to cry too loudly. It was so good! And I know I was looking for the wrong ending, but it would have been just that, wrong. It wouldn't have worked, but the author stuck with the characters very well.... if she hadn't, I might have had my way.... blah... and this make no sense to anyone else but me... and for some reason the story seemed to have a bit more impact today especially... I think I started to relate a little too deeply with the Hermione/Snape relationship... odd as it is. oh my.

Anyway, If I've made you curious enough, read Roman Holiday and then Jewel of the Nile. Link:

I now await the third and final installment: "Last Tango in Paris" I'm not starting it 'til it's finished.
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