Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Ha HA! This requires thought, and work, and boredum. have fun!

A Quiz for you. Copy, paste into comment, and then answer truthfully (or at least make me laugh.. hehe)

1. How did we meet?
2. What three words come to mind when you think of me?
3. If you were describing me to someone else(who doesn't know me) how would you do so?
4. What do you think is my most negative trait?
5. If you were to become my stylist, which style would you have me wear/live/breathe?(Think goth, classic, modern, etc)
6. Where do you see me in five years?(realistically)
7. In ten years?
8. In romance, am I an ideal partner? Is there anything you think I should change about myself to make me more ideal?
9. Is there anything I do that you disapprove of?
10. Describe our friendship in 5 words:
11. What is it that draws you to me/my livejournal?
12. Is there anything you think I should know, that apparently I haven't figured out for myself?
13. How do you think I view you?
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