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My RI weekend! :-)

Okay, so...
Left work at noon, stopped at the bank to cash a check and I was on the road by 12:15pm. Traffic around Newark and on the GS parkway was not bad at all... not like it was when I left for Clearwater, atleast! The worst part of the trip was Conn... and the fact that I spent an hour and a half going 14 exits and the entire trip taking over 6 and a half hours... that was really not cool. But after I got there, all was well. :-) For dinner, we had hotdogs and hamburgers that Heather's Grandfather cooked on the grill.. yummy! Then it started drizzling and raining a bit while we were trying to figure out what we should do for the evening. Finally, after many ideas were tossed about, we ended up driving down to Newport(a common occurance... hehe) to walk around and see the fireworks. It had stopped sprinkling while we were out, but when we got back to the car, it started pouring again... perfect timing. The fireworks were really nice, albeit far away. When we got back to the house, we ended up sleeping in the basement on the pullout sectional sofa. Cindi and I were so tired, we almost fell asleep before Heather was ready for bed!

We had breakfast at FoodWorks, a local restaurant, with Heather's Grandparents. Yummy eggs, ham, home-fries, and grilled english muffins. Then we went back to the house to get hats and prep for going on the boat with Heather's Dad. He has a Boston Whaler. We put the boat in the water at the dock and then we spend most of the morning and well into lunch time crusin' around the bay. :-) Heather even got to drive! :-) We got to see the places where we walked Friday night from the water. There were lots of other boats out... especially sailboats. It was a gorgeous day and the water wasn't choppy or anything. I think I took around 80-90 pictures when were out there... I'm really, really, really glad that I got a 128MB memory stick for my camera for this trip. :-D After that, we went to Flo's for lunch and got Heather to try Cindi's calamari, and Cindi and I tried the stuffed Quahog... if that hadn't been so spicy, I would have eatten more of it. The fish and chips were very good. After we finished eatting there, we went back to the house and Cindi made sure she had all of her stuff, and then she set out on her trek back to NY. Lucky her, she didn't have to spend the whole trip on 95. :-P
After we said our good byes, Heather took me to Newport to see the Breakers and the Marble house. The whole thing was very interesting... it was very busy at the breakers, but we didn't have to wait or anything and we just slipped into a tour. It was Heather's first time that she got to be a "tourist" and just listen to another person's tour; she learned some new things! Really cool... the whole place was just very unbelievable. After we were done at the mansions, we went to the Elks where Heather's Mother's side of the family was already gathered in celebration of her birthday(heather's mom's... yeah). I had the Fish Francise, which was very good and came with some delicious garlic mashed potatoes... I got to try the Lobster, which I enjoyed. Apparently it was extremely good, so it looks like I am now spoiled when it comes to lobster. :-) Heather's brother, Ryan was sitting next to me and was playing with everyone's discarded lobster parts... claws, tails, heads... and he was trying to his cousin, Robert(who is the same age), that the lobster was DEAD and he was yummy. Hehe.. it was extremely cute. The service was EXTREMELY slow, although, I didn't notice 'til I realized that the sun sets around 8:00... and the sun was setting and we hadn't had cake yet... and we'd been there since 5:30-6 oops... the waiter was, well, a bit, slow. He didn't realize the ice cream was ice cream... strange man. After we finally left there around 8:30-8:45, we got gas, and Heather had to give her mom a birthday card, so I got to see the house that she grew up in. :-) Slept in Heather's room Sat. night. Didn't end up falling asleep 'til after 12:30... hehe

With the impending doom of my drive home, we went to church. Gorgeous, big, church, probably twice the size of Shell's(church at home)... it was everything I could do to stop myself from taking pictures. :-P Silly tourist mentality. After church, we went to IHOP and I had the Swedish crepes(kinda ironic... hehe) *yea* Then Heather took me down Ocean Drive and we saw the kite festival that was going on... I have never seen such gigantic kites in my entire life! One of them had to be the size of small house. And then there were some that looked like they belonged in the Macy's Day Parade! There were 2 cats and a penguin! Plus, they had tons of whirly-gigs and some of them were actually attached to the kite strings so that all of the air was filled with colors! It looked like some people were having a contest with those kites that you can direct that have 2 strings... that was neat. I took a bunch of pictures out the car window, but not too many came out... Then we went down to a bed and breakfast place and parked in their parking lot while we went down the secret path to... the .... light house! It was just a little one, and it had a fog horn inside(it was going off every minute or so.. hehe). We were scrammbling around on the rocks and I was taking pictures from every possible angle!! It was really cool. (Darn it! I forgot what he light house was called... a little help, Heather??) Anyway, on the way back, we stopped at Del's and got frozen lemon-aid.. yummy! Then we drove back to the house, and I packed up, we said our goodbyes, and I left to get gas and then go home around 3pm. Gas was $1.56.. the cheapest around... Ugh! I missed NJ and the cheap gas! Anyway, so the drive home was extremely uneventful, I didn't get on route 24 for some reason, so I just stayed on 136 'til I got to 195, I think that was probably more direct anyway. Traffic was not bad at all.. I listened to HP: GoF that Cindi lent to me on the way home... and I stopped in NJ for a quick bite to eat and a rest... whole trip took me 4 and a half hours... I was in the driveway by 7:30.

The weather was awesome(there is still a debate whether the weather on Saturday was better than Sunday or not) and I had a great time.... every minute of the drive up there was worth it!

:-D *yea*

So that was my weekend. :-)
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