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Well, I went to leave work yesterday afternoon and I was confronted at the door by a group of co-workers standing under the over hang. It was hailing... hail size... I'd say between a quarter and a golf ball. So, they(co-workers) suggested that since I am young and resilient that I should go stand out in the hail to "see how hard it is". I laughed... and stayed under the overhang. After a few minutes, the wind let up, the hail stopped, and the rain slowed, so I took to my car for shelter. Interestingly enough, I think I felt safer in my car than in the building... odd. Anyway, so I waited a bit longer to leave... making sure that the wind wasn't going to start up again, and I headed to my Grandparents house. On the way, I passed several fire trucks going down side streets. Then I saw a group of people standing on the corner of an intersection staring up at a house.... that had a very large tree on top of it. Luckily, the tree had not been dead before it blew over, so about a third of the roots were still holding onto the ground. This fact, I think, is what kept the house from being totally ruined. A bit after that house, the road was barricaded and what looked like a cloud of smokey mist was covering the area behind the barricade. I've surmised that some wiring must have come down and started a small fire or something in the debris that had come down from the storm. When I finally got home, I told my grandparents about all that I had seen, and their response was "We didn't have any storm. It just rained a bit".... this is not even 17 miles North of where the storm had hit so heavily. Crazy. Gotta love Mother Nature.

When I drove by on my way to work this morning there was really no remnants of a fire and the house had 2 small blue traps on the roof and plenty of fire wood in the front yard. It didn't look like too much damage was done, luckily.

So, maybe storms aren't so great... :-/
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