Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Weekend so far....

Just want to get this out of my system before I go through typing withdrawl. :-)

Left work around 2:50 after a THANKFULLY short meeting... I love it when people actually read the documents that you give them to read before the meeting. And for that, I thank the guy, because that meant that I was on the road to home before 3pm... and I missed MOST of the traffic... considering that all of my alternate routes had some sort of blockage(accidents, construction, etc) there wasn't too much traffic. Lots of trucks. I really don't like trucks. So I mostly try to pass them... and spending 2 hours trying to pass annoying truckers driving eratically is was really not relaxing! So.

Got to the house with plenty of time before dinner. Dinner was Spare Ribs and potato salad. The ribs were surprisingly good(I don't think I've ever actually eaten ribs before) and mom made us "kids" mashed potatoes(although, from the smell of it, I probably would have liked the potato salad...). Anyway, mom also made this amazing chocolate-chocolate birthday cake(chocolate cake, chocolate frosting) and I don't usually like chocolate cake, but this was very good because it was fudgey. Yummy. Dad liked our "golf themed" presents and Liz got him 2 bags of tootie rolls. I showed everyone my pictures of my RI trip(200+!!!) and I got to sleep in my bed. :-) I still have this awful habit of waking up around 6am... .yuck.

Slept in... 'til 8am. Took Liz to Hong Kong Ruby(Chinese restaruant) and then to see Legally Blonde 2: Red, White, and Blonde. Good movie over all... other than the scene where they had law students doing cheerleading in the middle of the Capital Building, everything was mildly believable. :-) And amusing. Even more amusing to see it with Liz. :-D I was a bit disappointed in her.. .she didn't even where pink! =-O Hehe... anyway, after the movie we stopped in the ice cream place right next door and we looked around... I recognized one of the guys working behind the counter; I think he was in Joseph with me, but that was such a long time ago and he was a brother, so I don't think he would have remembered me anyway. We left because the line was too long and Liz and I went to Hershey to go to the Ice Cream Corner instead... I knew she would want to go there because they have Teaberry ice cream and that is her favourite. I had cookies and cream. I dropped Liz at Dann's house(her BF) and then went to the library to drop off the books that I had had out(bad sentence structure, sorry). Called Lindsay from the parking lot of the Library. Decided that I would meet them at their house at 6pm. Went home. Got changed, and went to Lindsay's house... then we went to Herby's Los Mexicanos for dinner. Great food, and it just happened to be the night that they had a Mariachi Band!!! Mrs. Gottwald requested a song, and they came and sang to us right at our table! It was soo cool... I love the way they filled the whole place with sound. Lindsay swears they were doing circular breathing, but I think they just had some massive lung power. ;-P Anyway, after that we went to Rhode's Pharmacy in Hummelstown; I swear I have not been in Hummelstown for a long time... atleast since Winter break when I went to Bill's to have breakfast with Jen and Lindsay... interesting. Anyway, so we looked around in Rhode's and then we realized that they were trying to close(it was 9ish) so we left and went to Weis Markets... Mrs. Gottwald had to get some groceries so Lindsay and I stayed in the car while they went in to get onions or something. Got some "alone time" with Lindsay, which was good. :-) *yea* for Lindsay time! Doesn't look like I'm going to get to see her again before she goes back to school, so that is sad... which means that I will probably not see her 'til Thanksgiving/Christmas... yucky! I will have to call her more now that I have a cell phone with unlimited nights/weekends. *yea*

So tomorrow is Church in the morning and then back to grandma and grandfather's.... the weekend is almost over! Ahh!

(Note: I started reading Stranger in a Strange Land this weekend... weird so far, but I'm sure I'll have an update later). :-)
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