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end of the weekend...

Got up around 8am, helped everyone get ready... went to church(sat with Lindsay's mom! Downstairs!)... Dave and Stef played a Trombone/Alto Sax duet which was very interesting. I left straight from church to drive to NJ. An uneventful drive, but the whole time I was dreading the end of it. I wished I could have driven forever... every sign for NYC made me want to keep going after I reached the exit for G&G's house... The thought of having to come to work today was painful. And the fact that I'm here now is worse. I got to G&G's at about 2:15.... I made good time, about 2 and a half hours.. the norm... it was HOT. Got changed, sat around and read. I fell asleep reading in the living room... I almost felt sick... I don't know what it was. So, I decided that it might be because I hadn't really been drinking all that much water, so I started drinking water. About 8+ glasses before bed time... hehe... a bit over board perhaps. Anyway. That's about it for sunday.

Still wish I wasn't here. Only 3 Mondays after this one, 20 days total. I need a vacation.
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