Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


Walked out side this morning and in the neighbor's front yard were 2 fawns and their momma. :-) I stood their watching them for god-knows-how-long (I've stopped wearing my watch every day! Go me!), and they were SO CUTE! I could tell that the fawns were still very young 'cuz they were still wobbly on their legs.. they kept pawing at the ground, too... I wished I had my camera with me.

On another note, I really think if we get another couple inches of rain today that the pool will over flow. Grandfather filled it up this past weekend and since it has rained 5+ inches... if it rains another 2+ in the next day, it will definitely overflow. Grandma thinks that will be "pretty cool". hehe... I just hope that I can get a picture of it... without getting my camera soaked. :-P
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