Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Blackout aftermath

Okay, so I left work around 4ish... and as usual, I called my grandparents before I left, which apparently was about 4:10. At 4:11, my Grandparent's lost power. This of course, causes a great state of PANIC, caused by my Grandfather. He wanted to call me on my cell and tell me not to leave work, but Grandma wouldn't let him. I was completely oblivious to any sort of mishaps in the entire Tri-State area until I got home and found my Grandfather SITTING AT THE DOOR waiting for me. He had his radio in his lap. So after making sure I was not dead(Which I obviously wasn't since I was standing there looking very confused), he informed me that there was a power outage. Now, they way he was all shook up, you would have thought that there were terrorist landing in the back yard, using the pool to drown various neighbors and we were next, or something. So, I had to remind him that the authorities are trained for this kinda thing and I'm sure they'd have it all under control... right? Well, we had dinner prepared completely without the microwave(they have a gas stove) and in the middle of dinner the power came back on. This means of course, that Grandfather had to jump out of his chair(not gracefully, I might add, he almost fell) and RUN to turn the TV on. At which point Grandma starts telling him that he should get back to the table because he wasn't excused(to no avail). But from that moment forth, he was glued to the TV, repeating everything that they said(we could hear it just fine... actually, I'm sure the neighbors could hear it just fine). So, really, our power was only out for about an hour or so, but from talking to Grandfather, you would have thought it was THREE days, and the gas was out, and the water was off, and there had been a nuclear attack a couple blocks away. So, after a few hours of this(not to mention the phone ringing off the hook, and having to answer in the basement 'cuz the cordless phone wasn't working) and the announcement that only a few of the most northern areas of NJ didn't have power, I decided that I was better off going to see Eric Schwartz as planned instead of sitting here with a man who was FREAKING OUT and scaring me. Well, grandfather didn't take that so well. He said there would be riots in the streets, all the traffic lights would be out(oh, like they were when I drove home? not.), and there would be no power anywhere. He was being extremely irrational, and I was seriously scared that he was going to have a heart attack/stroke or something... so I told him that I wouldn't go but only if he calmed down and turned off the news for a while. So we watched H&G TV all night.

And to top it off, this morning when I went downstairs, Grandfather was sitting there at the kitchen table. He had 2 gallons of water for me to take in my car, and proceeded to barrage me with questions (do you have enough gas? do you think they will have power at work? do you know what to do if you come to a traffic light that is out? maybe you should call out of work?). I'm glad that I'm so easy going.
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