Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Weekend preview

Get to sleep in tomorrow. Looks like Grandma and I are going to see Seabiscuit tomorrow around noon time. Will be a good break from the no-A/C situation at the house. Also, hope to go in the pool again, I haven't been doing that nearly enough. Work on computer stuff in the afternoon/evening. Sunday is the ren faire. I printed out directions today at work, so I should be all good there... hoping the cell phone's work or we will have quite a time trying to find each other... but let's see... I've got Cindi's, Ken's, and Jeremy's cell numbers... don't know about Jess or Kevin(or whether he is coming or not) I should log on AIM and see if I can get any answers.... *logs on*... nope, no Cindi... actually, barely anyone at all... 193/200 are offline... I wonder what's up... anyway, I guess I'll find out later... 'night, ya'll! :-)
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