Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

band-album-show quiz thing

Saw this when I was journal surfing just now. But I think it would work better for me if I use specific albums instead... so here we go

Name a band(or ALBUM! or SHOW) for the following:
-Shake your hips to: ABBA Gold! :-D
-Makeout to: That's a hard one, it depends. Anything from Bob Barry to Venga Boys. :-)
-Secretly know all the words to: Ha. Not really a secret. All the "Oldies".. Savage Garden... my sister's boy band stuff. :-P
-Can scream to: Wooo! Fat Boy Slim!
-Turn up full blast: Savage Garden... Grease...
-Pumps your adrenaline: Huey Lewis and The News
-Can make you cry: Les Miserables
-Can't stop tapping your feet and hands: Ahh... anything with a good beat.
-Reminds you of your ex: Shrek
-Best ever live: The Producers!! (Nathan "uncle natey" Lane and Matthew "whos-yo-daddy" Broderick) :-D and DVN, too. :-)
-Wish you had seen: Neil Dimond, the Beatles, Les Miserables, etc, etc, etc.
-First true love: New Kids on the Block... hehe
-Relate to the lyrics most: South Pacific
-Best up and coming: I've heard Urine Town is really good... I'd like to see it some day.
-Absolutely hate: Cats. Don't get me started.
-Best instrumental: Neil Dimond... Hot August Night, baby. :-)
-Excited about seeing: Chris and Meredith Thompson and DVN.... again. :-)
-Get really really into: Chris and Meredith Thompson
-F%#king crazy: Stop the World, I Want to Get Off
-Think everyone should check out: Idina Menzel and The Wild Party(with Eartha Kitt)

Name a band(or ALBUM!) for the following:
-Shake your hips to:
-Makeout to:
-Secretly know all the words to:
-Can scream to:
-Turn up full blast:
-Pumps your adrenaline:
-Can make you cry:
-Can't stop tapping your feet and hands:
-Reminds you of your ex:
-Best ever live:
-Wish you had seen:
-First true love:
-Relate to the lyrics most:
-Best up and coming:
-Absolutely hate:
-Best instrumental:
-Excited about seeing:
-Get really really into:
-F%#king crazy:
-Think everyone should check out:
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