Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Past, Present, Future survey


First grade teacher's name: Ms. Lovejoy!
Last word you said: Um....hehehe
Last song you sang: Galileo
Last song stuck in your head: In the Jungle(thanks, ed, I got that from your away message... :-P )


What's in your CD player: My portable has my A Cappella MP3s in it, and my stereo has the Sleepless in Seattle soundtrack.
What color socks are you wearing: no socks!
What's under your bed: .... carpet?
What's the weather like: It's beautiful and sunny... and probably hot, but I am in a/c
What time did you wake up today: 6am, and then 6:09am


Who do you want to marry: *shrug*
Are you going to college: Hellz, yeah, I'm already there! *go RIT*
Where do you want to go: see above.
What is your career going to be: Something in IT, that ISN'T BORING!
Where are you going to live: Um... someplace in Oregon or Washington
How many kids do you want: a couple, maybe.
Kids' names: I've always liked Ernest and Julia.
Where do you want your honeymoon: oh, someplace fun. *shrug*
What kind of car will you have: I like my buick.. but a Jaguar would be nice. :-) Donations welcome. :-D
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