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Alphabet on hold survey

[a] - age: 20
[b] - best friends: (in alphabetical order) Cindi, Heather, and Lindsay
[c] - choice of meat: Poultry or fish
[d] - dream date: :-D
[e] - exciting adventure: Driving around and not really knowing where I'm going.
[f] - favorite food: Yorkshire Pudding
[g] - greatest accomplishment: Implementing an entire project by myself.
[h] - happiest day of your life: Friday, when I'm done with this freakin' job.
[i] - interests: Everything is interesting.
[k] - kool-aid: yucko
[l] - love: yes, please
[m] - most valued: umm.... ?
[n] - name: Catherine. I think.
[o] - outfit you love: The one that I have one... black skirt with a moderate frill, and blue top that has black stripes. :-)
[p] - pizza toppings: ooooh... ham and pineapple, but when other people are around, anything but anchovies.
[q] - question asked to you the most: What?
[r] - radio station: Z100! I will miss it when I am in Roch.
[s] - sport: ICE HOCKEY!!!
[t] - television show: Um... *shrug* Law & Order
[u] - your favourite song: Currently, Dites-Moi (South Pacific)
[v] - video: killed the radio star.... yeah.
[w] - winter: *yea*
[x] - xylophone: is a cool word.
[y] - year born: 1983
[z] - zodiac sign: Gemini

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