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Holy Crap.

Actually, I said "Jesus Christ". Maybe I should clarify... I was getting my books today from Campus Connections(the bookstore) and my Computer Concepts class has two books. "How a Computer Works" which will be evil enough because the picture on the front of the book is of a computer with cut-out sections and the monitor is displaying the welcome screen from *shutter* A *shutter* O *shutter* L *shutter*... can you get any more evil?? The second book for Comp. Con. is the reason for my outburst quoted at the beginning of this entry... "The Hardware Bible". It is 2 and a fourth inches thick and 1416 pages long... and it weighs about 5 pounds. No. Wrong. Bad. This is not good... I hope I don't have to carry this thing to every class... :-/ I'll find out this afternoon. Oh, but my Philosophy books make up for it... 3 of them, but they are all about a fourth of an inch thick. Very nice. :-) But my wrist hurts now... :-(
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