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Ren Faire.. finally!

Okay, so I know we went to the Ren Faire on the 17th of August, but give me a break! I've been busy... so here it is:

Sunday, August 17th

So. I was so stinkin' excited that I left at 6 after 8. :-) I stopped for gas on the way to 287.... painful $1.45... (but after I got up to NY, I realized I was lucky). Anyway, got to the Faire grounds at about 9am. Half an hour before I was supposed to meet Cindi and the gang. So, I sat in the car and attempted to figure out how many miles per gallon my car gets. I spent about half an hour looking for the size of the tank so I could figure out how many gallons my tank holds... never did find it. Gah.... stupid book. :-P Anyway, so at about 9:25 I decided to follow the people to the gate. :-) Stood around and did some people watching.... very interesting, 'specially when you can't tell if people work at the faire or if they are just a bit too into it. :-P I was also listening to some very interesting conversations that couldn't possibly be repeated in mixed company. =-O hehe.. anyway, after a little while, the opening show started and I watched that... very amusing stuff. :-) Cindi called to say they were lost(what?) and would be late.... which didn't bother me as I was enjoying people watching... I don't think I've ever seen people dressed so differently all congregating for the same event. ;-P Interesting. Anyway, Cindi and the gang(*deep breath* Cindi, Jeremy, Kristy, Ken, Dara, Jess. Hereforth referred to as "we") showed up and we(see?) retrieved our tickets from the Will Call booth(which was on the left, but not on the very left). Then we consulted our programs(the money I spent on mine is apparently going towards the "save my voice fund" of the wench that sold it to me. :-D what a great job) and decided on the stuff we were going to see.

The Peasant Dating Game- very amusing.. "Pig Boy" was HOTT! :-)
Turtle Races - heheheh... just plain silly, but an experiance nonetheless.
Bold and Stupid Men - Probably one of my favourites of the day. What Ho!
Belly Dancers - Eh. They were decent. I've seen better.
The Crimson Pirates - Very cool... I was tempted to get one of their CDs, but I didn't.
Shakespeare's Macbeth - Very, very, good. Supposedly it was performed exactly as Shakespeare himself had intended it... also 3 hours on those benches was not exactly comfortable.. but.. whatever.
Insult Match - LOL! It was great.... a kid with a trogdor shirt had a really good one... and apparently was someone that Kevin knew.
Her Majesty's Chess Match - Very good fighting choreography... I've never seen anything that intense before. :-)
Ask the Village Idiot - LOL.. interesting... would have made more sense if we didn't miss the beginning.
The Rogue Show - Should be called The Not-So-Rogue Show... I've said worse things. :-P
The Royal Joust - Couldn't really see... but HORSEYS! :-)
Pub Sing. - Very Cool. this is when I finally pulled my camera out... so I got some pictures of it. :-)

We stood around talking afterwards for about an hour and a half... I took some secret pictures then, too.. left around 8-8:30 and got home before 10. Didn't want to stop driving, though, I was so keyed up. :-) I could have drove to Cape May and back. :-P


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Aug. 26th, 2003 09:05 pm (UTC)
the kid with TrogDor was the son of one of the Sergeant's I work with at the PD.
Aug. 27th, 2003 04:18 am (UTC)
painful $1.45?!?!?
For the crying out loud, have you seen the news, do you know how good that is?!?... (Is it more now where you are, or the same?)
We're @ $1.83... Even my G'father's talked about it... And it's supposed to not start to go down 'till this weekend, labor day. Ahh! And if it keeps going up, I'm going to quit driving because it's not that far from $2. ...But enough already. 8-Þ
Aug. 27th, 2003 08:49 am (UTC)
yeah... that was 2-3 weeks ago when I actually wrote that... now I'm sad to say we are up to 1.70ish in PA... :-/ and before I left Jersey it waas 1.65 Very not cool.
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