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We're back!

OKay, so I can quote my parents:
Dad - "The girls [are] all together again"
Mom - "*yea* Friends!"

And that about sums up the evening last night. :-D But, I'll continue anyway. Just for you. Yes, that's right, you. Don't look at me like that! Don't you believe me?!?

We attempted to tidy this place up last night. But for some reason, we didn't get as far as one might have hoped. hehe... probably because of our fits of giggles and such.
We had a few "Trading Spaces" moments, which would have been more fun with Elga, but what can you do? We(Cindi and I... well, mostly Cindi) turned a cardboard box and a wacky piece of fabric that I got from my grandmother, and turned them into a lovely end table that is now the home of the flowers Daniel sent us(:-D). Also, Cindi had another brilliance flash, when, instead of taking the markers and such for the white board out of the box, she tacked the box to the wall. I think that will fair much better than the "duct tape shelf". And since the box is green, it adds color to the wall over there. We already have 2 quotes on the board... I think that when it is full of quotes, I'm going to post them here for safe keeping.
Sarah came over at one point and showed us here Hedgehog... he's extremely cute, but I'm not sure I understand hedgehogs as pets.... *shrug* To each his own.
We also made a Wegman's run at about 10pm... and didn't get back here 'til 11:20... and didn't finish unloading my car and putting everything away 'til 11:45. hehe... *YEA* FOR BEING A COLLEGE STUDENT AGAIN! Although, if I was really being a college student, I would not have gotten up at 9am. :-P
Before we left for Wegman's, we called Daniel and put him on the speaker-phone. hehe... I don't know if he could hear everything that was going on, but it was a decent substitute for having him right here... :-D Crazy fun. I bet it didn't make much sense to him when we dissolved into fits of giggles. :-P Anyway, it's good to be back(oh, yes it's good), and today is going to be a long one:

1) Finish unpacking
2) Arrange things the way I want them
3) Organize my stuff and get ready for classes
4) Go to Syracuse for the Chris and Meredith Thompson concert! :-D

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