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Stuff, and classes

I guess it's time for a post with *gasp* content! So here is where I try to sum up the last 4+ days in as few words as possible:

1) Chris and Meredith = AWESOME! I'm really glad we decided to go. It's one thing to like an artist for their recorded music, but when you see them in concert, you see what they are really like. Awesome. An anecdote about almost every song they played, and it was just a lot of fun. Happy Endings in Syracuse is the cutest venue, too... with really good Cafe Mocha. :-D Syracuse = awesome, too... there was the Syracuse Irish Festival when we were there... and since we got there early, Cindi and I walked around and looked at the vendors and listened to the band(rock-Irish stuff... electric bagpipes?!?!)... very cool.

2) Colorscape (II)! It's always neat to participate in an annual event, well, annually. The Kennedy's weren't as awesome as I remembered... they didn't play back-to-back as much as they did last year... almost seemed like they weren't on very good terms or something... *shrug* Could just be me. DVN... well, what is there to say? Awesome set list:
Stuck in the Middle
Kingdom in the Sky
Fish Sticks
(They tried to play "I Wish I Were", but there were guitar problems)
Sporks(instead of "I Wish...")
1) Tanglewood Tree(??) - Awesome. They didn't know the song. Or at least not well enough to really fake it. So they made it into a rap song. lol. it was great... I really wish I'd had audio on my camera. :-P
2) Bohemian Rhapsody(!!) - They didn't say we couldn't request it! Haha! So they just did that end part....
3) I don't want a pickle/Like a Virgin/Alice's Restaurant - People were being really sucky with requests... granted, I didn't think of anything, but *shrug* could have been better... but this three-song compilation was hysterical

Title of the Song - Storm JUMPED off the stage... ran throughout the crowd, proceeded to sing directly to the girls that were down the bench from us, and then they tried to get him up the front of the stage(at least 8 feet off the ground) by pulling him up... it was riot, and it didn't work... so he layed on the ground for a while... dead.. then he jumped up and ran up the stairs... he got up there just as they got to the part with the "and I hold a high note".. he was totally out of breath... it was so funny... poor guy. :-P
Jump in the Line - Mora Kennedy got in the action with the conga line.. that was very cool of her.
Mickey Mouse March
Encore: What a Wonderful World :'-) That song always makes me cry.. :-)
Afterwards, we hung around to get my cd signed(Bendy's Law), and Paul had his Alf coloring book signed, too(that's what he won for requesting Tanglewood Tree)... I got 5 signatures on my CD. :-) Paul signed it twice... I felt really special. I complimented Storm on the Ballad of the Sneak( since the last time I saw/talked to them was before it came out.. and Storm tipped me off to it. *yea* for cool performers. Richard signed my CD with a hotdog stuffed in his mouth. That was pretty cool, too. :-) *yea* for DVN. It was really great to hang out with Mike again, too... it's been such a long time.

3) Classes:

Should be pretty cool... math, though! I'm not used to that! Need to re-learn how to do math and things.... blah.

"That Streaming Media Class" (4002-535)
So far, not too bad... it's a very vertical class structure, for once... we learn about the entire process of streaming something over the 'net... from beginning(video) to end (serving)... so that should be cool... Reading for this class seems to be a bit dull, though.

4002-434... Programming for Digital Media
I've only had once class so far, promises to be a LOT of work... programming... 3D stuff with Director MX(gotta get that...). But I'm excited about it... it's going to be totally different than 330, which is good and bad... more Lingo(*yea*), but NO work with sprites(*boo*).... we shall see. Will be fun. The prof is cool.

Into to Psychology
No book. No readings. No final. No midterm. 4 tests. If you have perfect attendance, you get a chance to take a bonus test(which he gives us all the questions for) and that can replace your lowest test score. All tests are multiple choice. The prof is awesome and funny, and really interesting... even during the intro lecture.... so I'm totally excited about that.

I don't know... lots of new people this year... STAY, PLEASE!!! So, but yeah, Becky never contacted me about props 'cuz she didn't realize I wanted to do it... *smacks forehead* I e-mailed her specifically when I found out I only had one block of co-op. Whatever. I swear, that girl has it in for me. *shrug*

Will be awesome... Elizabeth is all into organizing us and Anna is going to do the conducting side of things... *yea* for me not leading anything! :-) The only yucky thing Encore is that we're meeting after Players from now on, so no going out for me... :-( Probably a blessing in disguise, I won't spend money so much then... I guess... but less wacky fun! :-/

Okay, so that pretty much covers everything... and that was way longer than I thought it'd be.... took me half an hour to write... wow. Okay, at least now I'm all caught up. I don't feel so bad anymore.
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