Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

My new, new favourite game...

Picturnary(I can't even freakin' spell it!) is my new favourite game... provided that I have the winning combination of players! That would be Jackie, Paul, Dan & I... and I don't even think any of us even think we can draw...(yeah, did that make sense?)! We seriously kicked some major 4$$ this evening @ Borders... :-) Borders... yea! What would Monday be without it? My Monday's seriously ROCK this quarter! No class 'til 2pm, and then class from 4-5:20(with cute Prof. Stone!)... and then to Borders @ 9! Very cool! Yea! ... but an 8am tomorrow.. so I'll have to wake up... bah. Oh well.. don't have to wake up on Wednesday! Yea! (oh, and apparently a two-door car is "Big".. :-P ).. hehehehehehehehehe.
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