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Woo-hoo! for music!

Today was awesome.... I'm so geared up.

The major stuff is that I tried out for the Applied Music individual lessons this afternoon. My audition went very well(as did everyone's I think), and It was just really cool to get to talk to Grady(guy who's going to teach them) 'cuz he's just so very amazing.... we chatted for a while about my range and how he thinks I'd be more comfortable singing Mezzo.. but he complimented me on my top range! *yea* I've always felt self-conscious about that... he said he really liked my voice(PLEASE be a good sign!!!!!).... anyway...

other awesome music stuff for today: Encore rehearsal! We're really becoming a group! I'm so excited! On Thursday we are going to sing Sweet Dreams(are made of this) for the rest of the Choir.... and we decided that we would add some VP to it... I'm officially a Vocal Percussionist! *woo-hoo* So excited! It's just very cool. I can't tell how it sounds, but the rest of the group seems to like what I'm doing with it.. the true test will be how it goes over during Singers. AHH! SOO Excited! :-D
During rehearsal this evening we also sang California Dreamin' (It's really coming along compared to last year!) and The Rose(Dude! We got it yesterday and we're already kicking butt on it! Woo-hoo!).. and we're looking for an arrangement of the Star Spangled Banner for SSAA that won't be totally out of anyone's range... I'm hoping that works out... it would be really groovy to sing for a Hockey game or a B-Ball game or something... or anything, really. :-) We are also going to learn the Alma Mater and stuff... so exciting... I'm going to burst.

During players, I didn't sign up to be Prop person for the show... I'm going to leave it at if Becky wants me to do it, she'll contact me... but I'm not going to actively bug her anymore. I've got other stuff to deal with now. It's sad that I've got Encore right after Players so I can't go do anything with my Playa's Peeps, but Encore is coming together so nicely! And I'm so happy! What a change from my mood this morning!

Also, my Director class this morning got me a lot more motivated. So, let's hope that holds up. :-D *yea* for 3D stuff and making games and all that coolness. :-) Okay, time to talk to a certain someone... :-D
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