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A dream!

I had a dream last night, for the first time, in a long time.

We were at Hershey Park and the 4th Harry Potter movie was out. We were watching it on a very, very, very large screen that was a decent distance away. People were all sitting on bleachers and other people had brought their own chairs. Cindi and Heather brought some folding chairs with them, but I Mike and I didn't have anything... we looked around and found some rocking chairs behind the bleachers, so we sat next to Cindi and Heather. I remember that the movie was awful and it made me want to cry because it was so poorly done. Mike went some where for a while, and I was really worried about what had happened to him, and then he came driving up in a really teeny-tiny car.... that he got in a box of cereal. I couldn't figure out what he had did with Val(His real car), but he said that she was in this little car with him. I couldn't understand that, but I believed him because I trust him.

Then there was this other part where we were IN the movie. It was really freaking 'cuz no one liked Harry and we were like his sidekicks or whatever, but we didn't understand what was going on. They knocked down the wall into Harry's bedroom so that they could expand the kitchen. It didn't make any sense! In the process of knocking down the walls, Harry's wand got broken. But I still had mine. Then some bad guy came to get us, and I was trying to duel him, but I couldn't remember any good spells except for "Flipendo" and "Wingardium Leviosar", neither of which I could use 'cuz I couldn't concentrate hard enough... even when I got a good spell out, he would just get out of the way and cast an even more powerful spell for us to avoid.

We were back at the Park, and Mike had disappeared again. Cindi was upset because he wouldn't hold my hand. Heather was confused because she couldn't hear the movie. I didn't really care about hearing it because it was so awful, I wanted to cry. Mike came back, with something that I never got to see because my alarm went off.

But there's my dream. :-)
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