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Trip home...

Short story: I am alive. :-D

Long story: I left the apartment around 11:30 and went to drop off money for my Voice lesson book. There weren't any 20 minute parking spaces open behind the library and it was only going to take 2 minutes tops to drop off the money, so I parked in short term and put my flashers on... and ran to bring the money to Grady. Interrupted Nate's lesson(sorry, dude). Ran back, only to find that the Parking Services guy was one car away from giving me a ticket... so I got in the car, waved and smiled to him and drove away. :-D hehe... I'm so darn lucky. Then went to the Coastal on East River(full service! woo. :-P ) And was on the road... made great time. Home by 4:30. The drive was beautiful... it could have been a little warmer(for window-down weather), but by the last leg in PA I could comfortably have the window open. *yea* Got to listen to my "random" songs and ... *drumroll* the cd that Singers cut last Spring! *yea* We got them Thursday night. Sweet Dreams is on there, in it's non-VP version, so I now have something to practice to.. although it seems extremely fast... (we need to talk to Anna about who's going to direct next weekend... it would make sense if I did sweet dreams... ). Very good, though.. the recording is weird 'cuz the volume level of each song is different. But good enough for government work. :-) Very cool.

Got home to Albert attacking me... I wonder if he'll ever grow out of that? I kinda hope not, but at the same time, if he gets any taller I'm going to fall over next time. :-P I brought him to the elementary school so he could catch the bus for band day... I also picked up Liz and got her dinner at Subway and then we went to the F-ball game. LD won 27-0. *GO LD!!!* *yea* I saw bunches of people I knew there.. mostly parents and teachers, but that was cool.

Albert can play the drum! And he is good... I'm so proud of him... it's really nifty to see all of the kids in band in the district play on the same field. And there were so many people @ the game just to see the bands. *yea* music!

We got home and the sky was so clear that I went outside with my star chart... Albert followed me and proceeded to show me where every single constellation was. He is good. I'm going to kidnap him and make him take my astronomy test for me.. yeah, he could pass as me.. just need a really good wig and some lifts in his shoes. :-P We talked about how the moon is cool because it glows so much and yet it doesn't create light itself... and how the sun works(I tried explaining neutrinos... don't think it worked) and how spectrographs work(which he knew what they are). Smart 10 year-olds rock. :-)

And now I'm writing this entry. So that pretty much wraps up my day. ;-) Time to check comics, chat, and then go to bed. :-)
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