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blah day...

Slept 'til 10 this morning when Albert woke me up and informed me that breakfast was now cold, but he saved a sticky-bun for me. ^_^ Yummy. Practiced for my voice lesson and gathered some of the things that I'm bringing back to school with me. The weather is really awful... and very blah-y. Sucks. I went to the AT&T store to yell at them for selling me my freakin' phone... but they said that they can't do anything about it and I have to call customer service.

Looked at the pfaltzcraft outlets for about an hour trying to decide if I should buy anything... it's really cool 'cuz they have a lot of dishes and things that you can by piecemeal and most of them are really cheap 'cuz they're seconds. I can't decide on anything that I like though... and a lot of the styles/patterns don't really have a base color that would be easy to match later on... and the plates that I really like are this deep purple color that would be extremely difficult to match and there aren't any other pieces left from that style. blah. So difficult to please, I am. I also haven't decided if I want to get a service for 12 or a service for 16... I'm leaning towards 12 just for the sake of taking up less room... and I also know that I don't really need to get cups and saucers... unfortunately, all the pre-boxed sets come with them. Also, I'm really leaning towards getting something at the pfaltzcraft place 'cuz they have a 5 year garentee that they'll find you pieces if they go out of stock in the stores. So, choices, choice... my gift certificates don't expire 'til next July, so I think I'm just going to look everytime I'm home and hope for another gigantic sale like they had this past summer...

Then I went to pick up my perscription at CVS. That was extremely uneventful. Only $14. *yea*

After CVS, I went to pick up liz at Choc. world... I was 15 minutes early, so I thought I'd start waiting on hold with the AT&T customer service people. Only waited about 5 minutes and then someone answered! A person! I told them the problem, and he wanted to verify my account information. So I told him my name, and the billing address and my phone number, and then he asked for my Dad's soc. number. Now, I don't have my fathers soc. memorized and he doesn't like using it for identification anyway, so I told the guy that. And he said he couldn't help me unless I had that number, for security purposes. Now, I was already mad at them because they said my phone would work in Rochester and it doesn't... so this was just the last straw. I blew up at him, told him it was absolutely rediculous that I couldn't dispute my own account and I said a few other mean things and hung up. Looks like I'm going to have to call back once my parents return from Bermuda. BLAH! As if I wasn't mad enough already. *sigh*

Got home, I was going to study for my Psych test on Tuesday, but it doesn't look like the pp slides will open in IE for this computer... I don't know why... it's being really annoying. So instead I got to write this entire entry. Way to be studying. :-P

Now Albert is in a pissy mood and is arguing about everything.. "I'm NOT ARGUING!!!".. I think it's this crappy weather. :-(

We're having tacos for dinner *happy*... and then going to watch a movie... hopefully this evening can end on a happy note.



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Oct. 4th, 2003 04:16 pm (UTC)
where is there an ATT store near the outlets?? or is it at the outlets?? i need to yell at them too!

Oct. 4th, 2003 09:16 pm (UTC)
Re: where?
it's in the outlets... near the hanes and the claire's.. it's called Better Celluar or something stupid like that. The guys that work there are very cute, but very stupid. ;-P
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