Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

and so it goes...

Yeah, so today was mostly good.

Slept in. Went to Church... saw Doug, again.. and found out Lindsay was home for the week! d'oh! But it was good to see her for a little while. :-) After church, I finished packing up the car... had some lunch(*yea* for NJ bread!) and we waited for Mom and Dad to call... once the called we got in the van only to find out that it wouldn't start(very weird, I never had that happen before)... so we took Carol's car instead. Always nice to have a back up. Picked up M&D at the bus terminal in Harrisburg... weird place, but very nice looking and convienentlly placed. :-) Went back home... hung out and chatted, told Mom and Dad about Mike, finished packing some little stuff, and headed out.

The only bad thing about the trip was the speeding ticket. But I deserved that for being a moron... I thought I was in a 65mph and I was in a 55mph. But I've learned my lesson now... and my bank account will be hurting for a while... blah.

Blah is how I feel, too... I don't know what it is, but everything just feels very blah. I feel like doing nothing... litterally nothing... I don't even feel like doing something that is like nothing. I just want to do nothing. it's very indescribable. hm.
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