Catherine (tenthz) wrote,


I have to keep reminding myself that it's Thursday... Thursday is usually my insane day where my book bag is five-bazillion pounds and I'm all stressed out. Today I'm very relax, and I'm going to get to go home for a bit after Psych class since we have a test today and I'll be done at 12:30ish. Granted, I still have to be at work from 2-6 and then Singers and then Encore, but this is the first Thursday test so it's my first break in the middle of a Thursday. This week is so screwy. Feel like I still don't know my schedule(as evidence: I almost missed my midterm yesterday 'cuz I thought my class was @ 4 instead of 2... thanks of saving me, Cindi!), every week has something different... I feel like I haven't had a weekend free to do work all quarter(Which isn't true, but it feels that way)... I feel all messed up.

And on top of it all, what did my advisor give me yesterday? Graduation Application papers. WHOA-HORSEY! When the heck did that happen? Then I realized I have 3 quarters of classes and 2 quarters of co-op left. I am scared... granted, I've been going through the whole "I want to get out of here"/"I never want to leave" thing... and I haven't quite settled on one. The paper work asks if I'm planning on attending grad school here, what quarter I'll be done, how I want my name in the commencement booklet, etc... gah! I'm not ready to finalize any of that... other than the name thing...

And General Insanity ensues. blah.
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