Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

What the heck... an Entry!

Well, it doesn't look like I've posted anything with any real substance here for quite some time... so, since I'm in 434 class, this means I have a bit of free time on my hands (unless, of course, the Professor comes over here and starts reading over my shoulder... hehe). Let see... this past weekend was great. It could have lasted a bit longer of course, Cindi's birthday party was rockin', got to see lots of people I haven't seen in a while(Anne Marie, Ken, Dara... surprisingly Eugene, Ed, Paul, Dan, et al), got to spend some quality time with Mike(*yea*) and got to just chill. The chillin' was the most difficult part.... it's been such a long time since I've had "alone time"... I really didn't know what to do with myself. After realizing that reading was a possibility, I started reading the second book in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy "trilogy" and putzed around. All the while, drinking Iced Tea. :-) *yea* for iced tea!

Anne Marie got here Friday evening. I found out that Mike had been able to get off of work to come to Cindi's party, so I was bouncing off the walls... I needed to expend some energy, so I went for a bike ride(keep in mind, it was 10:45pm).. it was rather cold out, but not so bad that it wasn't enjoyable.... got to ride all over the campus without having to worry about hitting anyone... I have to say the brick is slightly annoying(albeit vibrate-y), but the newest pavement is very nice. :-) Especially in the new quad(behind building 6)..... even made it up the ramp in the middle of building 7. :-) Next time I do this, though, I'm definitely making my way around the back of the campus on the road.... but *yea* for "midnight bike rides" :-D
Got back, and was completely winded... almost frost bitten, and feeling great. hehe... craziness. Then I fell into bed and read Hitchhiker for a while.

Saturday came. And I was totally pumped. Couldn't wait 'til Cindi was even dressed to give her her presents. She liked them, she really liked them! :-)

Mike ended up getting misplaced when getting off of the thruway and was about an hour later than expected(causing me to become extremely anticipatory). Well, anyway, so we went out and picked up my prescriptions from CVS, and then we came back and had some lunch (Mac and Cheese with hot dogs! *yea*) and then he helped me get the coolers from work (IFC) for the iced tea and the lemonade. Good fun. Hung out. Anne Marie and Cindi started cooking. People started coming around 4:15 (Earliness!)... and apparently stayed 'til like 11:30.... =-O Very cool... very successful party.... and tons of fun! :-) Mike and I left around 10 for a 10:20 showing of School of Rock. Cool movie. Full of great music... and a few morals that I'm going to ignore. :-P (like, never give up on your dreams, yada, yada, yada...) Got back around 12:30 and everyone was gone, the dishwasher had been run, dishes had been cleaned, and the living room was extremely conducive for Mike to sleep on the couch. Very fortunate, because we were both too tired to clean anything up. :-P

Sunday was also nice.. made eggs and toast for breakfast (I think we used up 18 eggs in 4 days! Ahh!) and then we watched The Producers..... hehe... *yea* for DVDs... (I have to remember to watch the Special Features on that later.) Mike left just around 3pm... since he had to be at work at 5:30.

And the rest of Sunday was lounging around, reading, surfing, and in general doing not much... which was frustrating 'cuz I knew I'd be getting assignments (Astronomy, etc) on Monday... but I couldn't work on anything... Ended up watching Princess Bride (and all the Special Features). :-) and then heading to bed.... only to wake up to yet another week. Blah.

Well, class is almost over and I don't think anything especially interesting happened on Monday.... Tai Chi was interesting.. but I miss Yoga. Encore was good... even though Ed never showed up.... Work was good... Finished the Iced Tea..... Astronomy was good... got 1.5 extra credit points. :-) Yeah, that's about it.
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