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some rambling...about multi-tasking and productivity.

I find it absolutely amazing that I can get more stuff done on my computer when I'm not actually *at* my computer... for instance, just now, from 434 class, I finished my voice lesson log that I was trying to finish all last night. Probably because the distractions(multiple IMs, comics, etc.) that are present when I'm sitting there aren't available through VNCing (at least not at quality).

I also noticed yesterday, when walking through building 70, that the majority of students in the class room use the computers in front of them for purposes un-related to the class at hand. The multi-tasking society we live in today amazes me sometimes. I can type this, follow the lecture, and continue to keep up with the typing of the programing we are working on as a class all at once. Amazing. truly amazing. Okay, I'm done rambling now.
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