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Borders night with an added bonus!

Who says that you can't play with toys if you aren't a kid? I don't know, but it certainly isn't true! Dan has the awesomest K'nex Screaming Serpent roller coaster! It's mesmerizing and relaxing... ooooh... and he has a cool screen saver! (DISTRACTIONS GALORE!).... and we're on RST of course, so we get to Borders "late"...
Let me just say, that I've never played Taboo before, but that is the coolest game! And most definitely the most rowdy we've been in there yet.. what did you expect? The whole point of the game is to be loud(kinda...). Anyway... After Dan got there(another Dan, from Folk Group... I don't know him...) I was Lucky enough to get to play.... can anyone say, "Adrenaline Rush"? Wow.... like improv, but stressful.. very interesting... maybe because there's something at stake? Anyway... it was a very close game the whole way through and The "Jackie, Jones, Cindi, and late Dan" team beat us, the "Jason, Dan, Jamie and Me" team... but only by a bit at the very end ... they caught us unaware!!! No fair that the Borders guy starts announcing stuff every five minutes(literally...) he was mean, or pissed off, or just messing with our heads.... :-P
And to top off this wonderful-almost-so-much-fun-it's-illegal-in-some-public-establishments night, the elevator door opened as I hovered my finger over the button... how cool is that?
VERY, VERY, VERY COOL!!!! It's my night.... I'm on fire... someone put me out.. ;-)
Aaahhhh! I'm burning! help, help, help!
Yea... maybe I'll do some homework for a change of pace.
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