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9th week.

I feel like I should post something, even though I don't really have anything to say. (Which means that this post will end up being 5 pages long. :-P )

The E-mail system is frustrating me to NO end. We're supposed to be transfering over to a new server that is running Microsoft Exchange(*yea* for speedy-awesomeness), and I signed up to be in the first test group of people that will get transfered. Supposedly, hopefully, very soon... I NEED access to my e-mail! Granted, mostly it's just p0rn and other sorts of soliciations, but it is also my main method of communication with the outside world, and they expect me to just deal with it when the server is buggy for hours at a time. No.

Classes. Extremely annoying. The impending DOOM of the end of the quarter is coming... but at the same time, I have no time to work on anything before Friday because of my STUPID schedule(I'm not making that mistake again), and so I'm hoping that I will be able to concentrate on working, especially programming, this weekend.

Finally found out what is going on in Streaming Media class. I signed up to be on the PR team for the IT Coffeehouse at the end of the quarter. Looks like I'll never actually have to learn how to stream media. That class is a total bust. But it will be cool to put together. Our group is all organized and everything. I think everyone really wants to get it over with and get a good grade. My kinda people. :-)

Programming class is starting to truely rock. :-) We've got our final assignment, and I've got the first part finished already (worked on it in class when he gave us time). Got 2 parts to go, plus any "extra" stuff that I want to do. I should probably take a look at the other 2 parts tomorrow so I can ask questions in class on Thursday.

Psych class... Got one more lecture and 2 tests. I really love that class, I go to class, I learn stuff, and then I take the tests. No outside-of-class work required. Very nice. Although, I should definitely look over the material for the Bonus Test(which is a cummulative exam that can be used to replace our lowest test score). If I needed more Psych classes, I'd take them with Harnish again. :-) He might have every mental illness, but he sure knows how to teach about them.

Astronomy. I have to take my star exam. The sky needs to be clear.

My carpal started acting up yesterday afternoon. This can not happen. So, I've been wearing my brace and taking Aleve(not as many as I did when I was first diagonised, but not as few as the "recommended dose") again. I definitely need to prevent it from getting any worse since I've got plenty of things to do with my hand the next few weeks.

So that's what's going on, and if you read this between 5:30-6:30, head over to the basement of the Interfaith Center for a free Pasta Dinner.... it's Baked Ziti this week! :-) *yea* for free food.... I'll just save the dinner I packed for this evening and eat it on Thursday night. That's a nice short entry. I might end up having to lj-cut this... we'll see after I post it.


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Nov. 4th, 2003 02:54 pm (UTC)
a)"because of my STUPID schedule(I'm not making that mistake again)"
I do believe I recall hearing you say that last year.
b)Marlena's no magdalena's.
Nov. 4th, 2003 03:16 pm (UTC)
a).... last year was because of RITSMA. I've gotten rid of that completely... now I just have to stop scheduling days from 10am-11pm. Shouldn't be a problem since my earliest class is at noon.

b). Oh. Sounded like magdalenas to me. :-P
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