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Feeling better

I am feeling SO much better compared to yesterday. I actually skipped my last yoga class, because I was just full of pain. Definitely was feeling some carpal-tunnel-type-pain in my left wrist. Tomorrow I'm going to Wal*Mart to get a new brace for my right wrist and another brace for my left wrist. I can't risk it getting worse.

In other news, I think my weird headache yesterday was my body telling me to GET SOME EFFING SLEEP! So I did. Advil + 2 hours of sleep + soup and grilled cheese + 9 more hours of sleep = FEELING BETTER!! *yea*

Well, today is my last Tuesday: my last regular Psych test, my last day of working 4-8, last Players meeting of the quarter(ICE CREAM?!?!), and the last Tuesday Encore rehearsal. Hopefully I'll get a bit of work done when I'm home between Psych and work. Like programming. I need to ask him about changing the size of the counter today in class, and I still want to integrate the animation ideas into my game... plus SOMETHING has to be done about my crappy-ass shader. Oh, well, it will happen. Loads of time this weekend... I think. Yeah.


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Nov. 11th, 2003 12:37 pm (UTC)
Curious... that a brace applying all sorts of pressure could make nerve-related pain get better.

If it was me, the brace would cause more pain than I had to start with. But then, maybe that's the idea, to take your mind off it? :-P
Nov. 11th, 2003 01:31 pm (UTC)
The brace is used to stablize the wrist, close to eliminating the repeative-motion stress to the carpal region that causes the tunnels to be inflamed. Basically, the brace is just to keep my wrist from moving too much and making the carpal tunnels more inflamed than they already are. I take Aleve/Advil to releave the swelling that's already going on. Not much else to do other than that.

And it's not like the brace is tight or anything, it's just there, which is the most annoying part(like, while I'm typing this, the brack kinda likes to hit the windows key for me), but I can definitely tell that the pain starts to go away as soon as I start wearing the darn thing. Whether this is a placebo affect type of thing or not, I really don't care, 'cuz it stops hurting. :-)
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