Catherine (tenthz) wrote,

Well, well, well..

Well, it's the middle of week ten, I've got one of each class to go, and I feel like a lot of things are completely out of my hands. This coffee house for instance. Stupid freaking Streaming Media class. What other class would make the final out to be putting together an entire event and only giving us a week and a half to do it? If I were organizing this event by myself, I would have asked professors if they were interested in preforming WAY before asking a class to take on the duties of streaming the live event over the internet. I have complete faith that the streaming team, the A/V team, and the Production team will get the thing online. I know that we(the PR team) are doing our absolute BEST at getting the word out to students and faculty, but the problem is, the faculty is not RESPONDING to anything... we need stuff done and in by today, but we've only got 2 bios from people that are definitely preforming!!!! Ahh!!! And Al Biles can't get there 'til 8-8:30ish. Which is an hour/hour and a half into the show!! AHHH!!

Okay, enough ranting, it'll come together. ( I hope. )

Gotta get ready for my last Astronomy class... :-/
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