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Okay, today has been awesome! :-)

For one thing, it's a BEAUTIFUL day outside, and no matter how much I enjoy a gray-Rochester-day(and I do!) it's still feels great to walk outside in the sun with a blue sky over head!

I was reminded by Scott that I could switch over to the All-Debit meal plan since I'm offically a second year student here... you know what that means??? No more Gracies! No more rushing to use meal-options... just debit, debit, and more debit. :-) Totally cool!

And I'm pretty sure that my night-class(that is a lab) doesn't start 'til next week!

I just created the best play list... Virginia Gentlemen and some Gershwin.. it rocks.... and this mood definitely will fascillitate doing some Laundry... and working on my essays that are due next week... That'll free up the weekend a bit more. :-)
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